About the Artists and People Involved



Elizabeth Stonhold - Lead Artist

After studying Fine Art in Pembrokeshire College, Coleg Sir Gar and Reading University, Elizabeth Stonhold B.A focuses her work on the familiar landscapes close to her home in Fishguard. “I am drawn to the sea, although rarely enter it! I believe it is the feelings of the sublime when standing so close to the edge of the land, looking out to sea that captivates me. It is for this reason I am so attracted to Fishguard making it my home. Unlike other coastal towns, I also feel a sense of the sublime when looking back over the land, with the sea behind me, as many of the hills in the area have sweeping views over the countryside. This wide peripheral vision provides me with an undoubted sense of place. Certainty over my location. I feel safe. Continuing my connection with the landscape, I enjoy exploring all aspects within my range of vision over chosen viewpoints, and it is this form of working that has lead me to devise this Coast Lines project. By encouraging my community to study the familiar, will allow us a greater connection with place, empowering us and enriching our lives through grown confidence in our surroundings.”

Renate Thome - Chair
Renate has lived in in Fishguard /Goodwick for 14 years. "I am interested in birds and have spent the last five years working with a group of volunteers renovating the buildings on the Island of Skokholm. Working with volunteers from all over the country we have achieved a huge amount and it has been a fantastically enjoyable experience.

I now edit and write the bi annual newsletter for the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer I am interested in the Coastlines Project because I want to become more involved in the community I live in and hope that other more creative ventures will evolve from being part of the project.

Jane James- Secretary

Jane has lived in Pembrokeshire for over 30 years. Her paintings and drawings are influenced by the farm landscape she lives in and the spirituality of the ancient landscape. The patterns, the changing light, the colours and the cloud shapes. The magnificent coastal path, the birds and the sea that give Jane the peace and tranquillity that is so important in her life.
Jane decided to become involved with Coast Lines as Lizzy is an enthusiastic and energetic leader and it follows on from the community Knitting Jazz project that was surrounded with positiveness and surprise and delight from so many people in Fishguard and Goodwick who were involved and those who looked.
Although initially anxious about drawing with other people, Jane attended the pilot workshops Lizzy has been running during September and has enjoyed spending time drawing with other people. Art is everywhere, a pattern on the water, a cup of tea, a crab running back into the water, art affects us all, drawing helps us to be more observant, to appreciate art in our environment. COME DRAW gives everyone the opportunity to have a go, to make marks and to express what you see and feel, everyone’s drawings are going to be different. Jane likes the idea of the weekly commitment to draw with others and looks forward to encouraging others at the community workshops in October.

Raymond Griffiths - Treasurer

Raymond was once a headteacher

who is now an ambitious adventurer 

he is great at maths

and up for laughs

and so became our new treasurer

Photo by Dr Richard Hellon

Phillip Clarke - Photographer

Phillip specialises in Pembrokeshire in all its variety, be it its people, its activities or its landscape. He is known for his postcards, a portfolio of eighty colour landscape images, which has produced 550,000 sales. He enjoys working in darkroom black-and-white for its creative discipline and its special magic. He sees photography as a language in which to communicate his joy at the world he encounters. as well  as the myriad pieces of information it gathers. Coast Lines drew him in as a project  because of its blend of helping the people of Fishguard and Goodwick become involved with the creative process, and all the excitement that such an opportunity can produce, and its desire to show the world  the healing beauty of the area and what the twin towns can achieve.