Come Draw With Me - Lower Town

Blessed again with beautiful weather we met in the Lower Town Car park and promptly set off,capturing different aspects that caught our eye. We were mainly interested in composition; the positioning on the page so our drawings said something of our experience. – hard to keep remembering when there are so many interesting objects, houses, wildlife and landscape to document!

We split up into 3 groups for this workshop. One group stayed close to the shore: One group flowed the old road up the hill, some fantastic and unusual compositions captured here! The third group set off towards the valley, studying the old houses, chatting to the locals and having a good nosey! - Thankyou to everyone who was so kind and helpful in speaking with us and letting us draw your beautiful homes! The mansion. The gentry who used to own this property owned the whole of Lower Town. The electricity for the house came from the Mill: The store room from the old house was located just outside the garden walls. In poor Latin, a large sign above the door still reads, - (translation to follow) if you’re hungry and weary....