Dinas Mountain with Artist Rachel Busby

We began today with breathing. Closing our eyes, concentrating on sounds, our feet rooted to the land, focusing our thoughts on our physical connection to the mountain, the decision to come, make the effort to be here, appreciate today, and the possibilities it may open to us. Feeling refreshed, we looked. We were stood in front of the first rocky outcrop of ancient stones within the remains of an old round house. We were reminded of our ancestors who like us had made this land their home. We made quick marks next, an instant translations of the landscape around us. We drew the rocks, an outcrop that will play a significant role in the future project..... Having warmed up with our mark making, it was time to warm up physically, so we marched up to the top of Dinas Mountain. Here we practiced a series of short exercises: looking/staring/absorbing what is before you, then closing your eyes and drawing from memory. We also drew with our other hand, without looking at the page...just looking at the landscape before us.The excersises were freeing, and fun, Rachel Busby led the group brilliantly, captivating us with descriptions, methods of working, suggestions. It was liberating! After a quick cake stop to re-fuel...We began a joint venture....reflecting the round house we started our workshop in, we looked straight ahead and focused on one area.... Sketchbooks staying, we switched places, adding our own interpretation, our own perspective. With brilliant results!!!! ANOTHER BRILLIANT COME DRAW WITH ME!