Come Draw With Me - Ocean Lab

We met in the cafe at 10:30 and whilst sipping hot tea, sketched the busy surroundings.

Once everyone had arrived and we had finished our refreshments, we made our way into the Sea Trust Aquarium. Led by Cliff Benson, we were shown a huge assortment of sea life that was found right here in Fishguard Bay. It was fascinating!

Huge THANK YOU to the Ocean Lab, inparticular Cliff for showing us around, sharing his knowledge with us, but most of all for the work they do in fighting to preserve the marine life that is often forgotton; as it isn't visible. Its beauitful, I'm so glad we have had the opporunity to include it in our community story!

We even had a spider crab participate in the Big Draw! I'm impressed and relieved he didn't break the pencil!