Inside Strumble Head Lighthouse

WOW! What a privilege to be drawing inside Strumble Head Lighthouse. An essential moneument along any coastline, Strumble Head is a symbol of our community here in North Pembrokeshire.

Led by Artist Rachel Busby, we began sketching the path to the lighthouse using various quick drawing exercises to capture the moment. The exciement and awe that filled us meant that the walk up to the top was a slow one, we kept stopping to draw as much as possible- no one wanted to miss a single bit!

Once at the top and the the presence of the lighthouse beaconed us inside. The old furniture and architecture alongside the modern machinery all situated in picturesque landscape, it was truely sublime.

Once we had explored, it was time to soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery. What a beauitful day and a fantastic element to the Coast Lines project. Thank you to all involved in making today possible, PAVS, Pembrokeshire National Parks, Geoff Badlam, Trinity House and Mike Pickford.