Constable, Faithful Landscape

Thank goodness that Oriel Y Parc isn't the V&A! Sketching the sublime Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows today in St Davids was a huge privileged. Usually, paintings such as this are hung in large city galleries or museums, surrounded by other monumental paintings, but seeing it here in Pembrokeshire emphasises its grandness and significance. It is an incredible experience to sit in front of such a piece for a long period of time and thanks to the technique of drawing, be able to really look and see the painting. Studying it in this way and spending time with the piece, we were able to learn so much.

After a delicious lunch from the cafe, we heard a fascinating talk by Ann Brown, about Constable's relationship and fascination with his own familiar landscape. Also about how he himself learned so much from copying others work, such as that of the Dutch Master, Ruisdael. Hearing about one of Britain's best artists and how he dedicated his work to studying the familiar and the mundane confirms the importance of the Coast Lines project. As we begin the final part of the project, where we will be copying from others drawings to create a 'final piece'; it was an exceptional day to inspire and encourage us for the next phase for Coast Lines.