Sea Cadets, NADFAS Story Tiles

Wonderful to be once again working with the youngsters in The Sea Cadets. Their professional conduct and enthusiasm whilst conducting their drills is highly commendable. Once the flags were set, it was time to draw. Working in the the Come Draw With Me Sketchbooks, it didn't take long for the Cadets to find inspiration inside the Skirmisher. With so much to take in, we did a series of quick sketches from the top floor the down to the gully where the life jackets are kept. Several found inspiration in the boats and scenery from the harbor in Lower Town.

After observing and then recording the Skirmisher inside the sketchbooks with a drawing, the Cadets quickly set to work creating their own Story Tiles. Using their own drawings plus others, some funny stories of Sea Cadets in Fishguard were invented by playing the game. Good fun and a wonderful final Coast Lines workshop.